Career Exploration Program


CVCU Unit Clerk

Everyday, unit clerks assist patients in every department by managing their care through clerical support.

Unit clerks are a vital source of information on the floor regarding logistical details of a patient’s stay, equipment management, and medical record information.

Although they don’t practice direct patient care, they serve as a vital link between patients, nurses, and doctors effectively communicating between all involved in patient care.  


As a unit clerk, fielding phones, welcoming visitors, processing orders, and responding to patient calls are a constant source of busyness during the work day.

In addition to these tasks, unit clerks organize new charts for admitted patients and communicate patient requests to nurses. 

On the CVCU floor, the most important job of the unit clerk is to monitor the EKG readings for each patient.

If an irregularity does arise or a lead becomes disconnected, the unit clerk will inform the patient’s nurse to check the situation.

Many a times the unit clerk will be the first one to notice when a patient might require emergency medical attention.


Unit clerks must be able to interact with everyone in the hospital; mostly they speak with others over the phone in order to maintain the front desk.

Although it is not required, some CNAs take on the responsibility as unit clerks for one of their shifts.

Even as a CNA, this does require extra education in monitoring EKG’s.


Graduate of a medical assistant-unit clerk program is preferred.

Also, clerical experience in a health care setting as a receptionist or nurse’s aide is preferred.