Career Exploration Program


Intermediate Care RN

Different from the ICU, the patients in the IMCU are mostly conscious and do not need the intensive care provided in the ICU, but are still too sick for regular inpatient care. Once their health improves in the IMCU, patients may be discharged to go home or to a skilled nursing facility where they can receive further care.


Each nurse cares for 3-4 patients at a time, checking in on them every hour.

They monitor vitals, nutrition, urine output, glucose levels, pain levels, wound sites, and consciousness, and may administer over the counter pain medications and change bandages when needed.

These nurses are on the front line for providing their patients care and a stable environment to ensure the best possible course for recovery.


Nurses collaborate with their peers and must notify the physician if there is a change in the patient’s health.

Since they spend time attentively caring for the patients, physicians may ask nurses their medical opinion.

Furthermore, nurses interact with visiting family members, social workers, physical therapists, and virtually every department in the hospital as the injuries vary.


Must graduate from an accredited school of nursing and hold current licensure to practice nursing in Oregon.

Required certifications include BLS/ACLS (Basic Life Support/Advanced Cardiac Life Support), and TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Classes). PCCN (Progressive Care Certified Nurse) credentialing is preferred.