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The NTCU, or Neurotrauma Care Unit, differs from the other recovery units in that it specifically pertains to patients who have suffered head, neck, or spine injuries.

The NTCU houses specialized equipment, monitoring devices, and specially trained nurses.

Patients include those recovering from brain or spinal surgery, those suffering from seizures, strokes, meningitis, or augmented statuses.

Sometimes, psychiatric patients are seen in the NTCU because the cause of their mental illness may be physiologically based instead of chemically based.  


In addition to the primary care duties performed by the ICU RN, the NTCU RN also monitors pressure in the brain or spine, and any altered mental states.

RNs are usually assigned to 3 or 4 patients at a time and make assessments every 4 hours.


RNs in the NTCU must communicate with physicians and fellow RNs effectively. Also, CNAs, or certified nursing assistants, are valued partners in ensuring quality patient care. CNAs assist RNs


Must graduate from an accredited school of nursing with current licensure as RN.

Previous nursing experience in a critical care setting preferred. BLS/ACLS (Basic Life Support/Advanced Cardiac Life Support), TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Classes) certification and hemodynamic credentialing is also required.