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Nursing careers

Nursing constitutes one of the largest health care occupations in the hospital and nursing personnel are found in all areas in a multitude of specialties.

Whether working with newborns in the ICU, or in rehabilitation therapies to treat disabilities, nurses are at the forefront of patient care and integral to the success of the hospital.

Nursing provides positions from assistants to administrators and one can often start as assistants and advance further in their specialized areas.

Explore all the diverse specialties and opportunities offered through nursing!

Alicia, RN Staff Nurse, CVCU, 1.5 years experience

"I've always loved the medical field, and I love people and I like education. Working in the Cardiovascular Care Unit is fascinating; you learn something new every day."

Erica, RN Staff Nurse, IMCU, 1.5 years experience

"I really enjoy the focus on patient care and interaction that nursing provides. Patients come in with many different cases so each day is never the same which is really exciting."

Amber L., RN Staff Nurse, Surgical Telemetry

"I love post-operative care. I'm a people person so I like working with patients and their families. Family is like your patient as well."