Career Exploration Program


Assistant nurse manager

An assistant nurse manager works with an assigned nurse manager and provides oversight for patient care and nursing services on their assigned unit and shift. This includes promotion of quality evidence-based care and patient satisfaction in a fiscally responsive manner.


Along with the Nurse Manager they must supervise and direct nursing personnel within their unit and must communicate effectively to address expectations and promote teamwork while providing ongoing coaching and feedback. 

They should be able to create a creative learning environment for staff to develop skills and abilities and must communicate collaboratively across other departments as well as their own. 

Most times, assistant nurse managers start off as RNs and gain experience and demonstrate effective leadership to advance to this position.

Specialty Areas

Cardiac Services, Emergency Department, Oncology, Rehabilitation Therapies, and Surgical Services.


Assistant Nurse Managers supervise RNs, CNAs, Unit Clerks and other staff as assigned.  They also work with Nurse Managers and Physicians, and must have good communication and interpersonal skills.


Along with the requirements of an RN, experience as a charge nurse and knowledge of principles of administration, supervision and management is preferred to become an assistant nurse manager.