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Nurse practitioner

The Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse with advanced practice education and clinical competence necessary for the delivery of primary health and medical care in certain specialty areas.  They must perform all duties in a manner that supports team concept, caring and respect to work efficiently with their health care team as well as with patients and their families.


Nurse Practitioners work closely with patients and physicians to perform a physical examination and develop a medical diagnosis to collaboratively develop a plan of management to support and treat the patient. 

They are able to write medical orders and track changes and progress in patient’s care and must establish therapeutic relationships with the patients and their families. 

Effective communication is essential and Nurse Practitioners must also demonstrate problem solving skills in their daily duties.

Specialty Areas

Nurse Practitioners specialize in different areas such as Pain Management, Palliative Care, and Women’s and Children’s Health.


They must interact effectively with their health care team including nursing personnel and physicians, and maintain close relationships with patients and their families.


Nurse Practitioners must have an RN license and must pursue their education further by completing a Master’s Program in Nursing as well as achieving a Nurse Practitioner License.


Master’s Degree-OHSU -  University of Portland


Oregon Nurse Practitioner License