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Licensed physical therapy assistant (LPTA)

Under supervision of the Physical Therapist, the LPTA plans and implements physical therapy services to increase the patient’s physical mobility skills, and ability to function independently. 

This is accomplished by providing age appropriate and meaningful physical therapy treatments focusing on activities to develop and restore function. 


LPTAs work as part of a rehabilitation team to develop a specific, proper treatment program for each individual patient, which may include use of physical modalities such as massage, cold, heat and sound to improve general health. 

Treatments may also include ambulation training, gross motor skill development, exercise, adaptive equipment and education to facilitate independence and safety. 

LTPAs must have good interpersonal skills and be physically capable of heavy lifting or transferring.


They must communicate well with their rehabilitation team, including Physical Therapists, and program managers.  They must also interact closely with patients, and if necessary, communicate with caregivers to provide continued treatment.


A two year associate’s degree of Applied Science as well as certification is required.


Mount Hood Community College


Physical Therapy Assistant Exam


Reference: United States Department of Labor