Past Pharmacy Residency Projects


  • Evaluating the Impact of a Vancomycin Dosing Protocol Utilizing a Pharmacokinetic Calculator and AUC-guided Dosing
  • Evaluation of a Pharmacist-led Therapeutic Heparin Protocol


  • Early versus Late Midodrine Initiation in Patients with Sepsis and Septic Shock Requiring Intravenous Vasopressors in the Intensive Care Unit 
  • Implementation of a pharmacist-led procalcitonin-guided algorithm for the management of community acquired pneumonia


  • Fixed-dose & Weight-based Dosing of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (PCC): A Comparison of 3-factor PCC (Profilnine®) & 4-factor PCC (Kcentra®) for Warfarin Reversal
  • Implementation of a Probiotic Algorithm on Readmission Rates in Patients with C. difficile Infection


  • Accuracy of Clinical Pharmacist Self-Reporting: A Time and Motion Study


  • Pharmacist Perceptions of Peer Review
  • The Implementation of a Geriatric Friendly Order Set to Decrease the Number of Potentially Inappropriate Medications


  • Using Patient-Specific Pharmacokinetics to Dose Vancomycin in the Obese Population
  • Evaluation of a Pharmacy Technician Centered Medication Reconciliation Program


  • Cost Avoidance of Pharmacy Technician Driven Medication Reconciliation
  • Evaluation of a Pharmacy-Driven Discharge Counseling and Education Program for Heart Failure Patients


  • Implementation of a Technician Checking Validation Program (TCVP) in a community-based hospital
  • Expansion of a pharmacist led procalcitonin-guided protocol for the management of bacterial lower respiratory tract infections