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Salem Health Foundation grants scholarships to 64 college students

Jul 15, 2016

The Salem Health Foundation announces that more than five dozen students in medical or medically related fields will receive scholarships for the 2016 to 2017 academic year.

A total of $173,250 will be awarded to students pursuing degrees in a variety of medical programs.

Several named scholarships were awarded in honor or memory of local community members, including the Bailey physician scholarship, the Happ Jackson imaging scholarship, the Elmera “Tiny” Richardson nursing scholarship, the Sewell Family scholarship, and the Grayce & Glola Sigg nursing scholarship. In addition, the Salem Self-Help Nursing Scholarship was awarded through the Salem Foundation.

Recipients for the 2016 to 2017 school year:

  • Albany: Megan Nelson
  • Amity: Megan Bortnem; Daniela Juarez Rodriguez
  • Aumsville: Shelby Dewar; Ty Weber
  • Dallas: Jennifer Broadus; Leslie Classen; Brenda Hess; Kimberly Jaeger; Whitney McMullin; Shaymarie Parker; Elizabeth York
  • Falls City: Mandy Graham
  • Gates: Julie Minton
  • Keizer: Erin Ibarra; Sharon Marsoun; Jason Mudrick
  • Monmouth: Valerie Alabdrabalnabi; Aubrey Hulse; Sarah Solvedt
  • Newberg: Lindsay Egeberg
  • Salem: Paige Baldwin; Sara Banning; Hannah Bauer; Kelly Blanco; Nicole Blanco-Mills; Heather Boone; Tracy Broyles; Travis Chapman; Dillon Chase; Jon Deming; Joel Donley; Leah Eaton; Rebecca Elmer; Carol Hannibal; Dominik Heidemeyer; Daryn Jones; Hannah Kuizenga; Robin Large; Kyle Lenz; Benjamin D. Long; Amanda Lowe; Loung Ly; Teresa McCarrell; Stephanee Miller; Pierce Moon; Nduta Nyoro-Cayton; Gerri Pratt; Kelsey Rank; Stephanie Rodriguez; Christina Rodriguez; Zachary Smith; Heidi Sunderman; Jillian Sunderman; Nikki Thomas; Monique Vierra; Laura Vogt; Annette Whitney
  • Scio: Rebecca Stine
  • Sheridan: Kaci Jones
  • Silverton: Brian Reif; Amber Williams
  • Stayton: Brooke Jordan
  • Sublimity: Renee Martizia-Rash
The Salem Health Foundation was established in 1968 by a group of Salem citizens interested in advancing health care through donations. It is a charitable, tax-exempt organization that supports medical and medically related projects of Salem Health. The Foundation's 15 volunteer directors help raise funds and manage the resources of the Foundation, while distributing the funds according to the wishes of those who have given.

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