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What is Salem Health Medical Group?

Salem Health Medical Group (formerly Willamette Health Partners) is the business name for the group of medical providers who are employed by Salem Health.

Wait—aren’t all of the doctors at the hospital employees of Salem Health?

No, most of them aren’t. More than half of the doctors providing care at Salem Hospital are independent. That means they have their own practices set up as separate businesses. They still have privileges to see patients at Salem Health facilities, but they aren’t Salem Health employees. (That’s also why you may get more than one bill when you have a hospital stay — one from the hospital and one from each independent provider you see.) If you see a Salem Health Medical Group provider, you will receive a bill from Salem Health Professional Services.

Physicians and services

Several types of physicians and medical providers are part of Salem Health Medical Group:

Urgent Care

Family medicine



Palliative care

Physical medicine and rehab


Sleep medicine

Trauma and general surgery

Women’s health

Did you receive a bill from Salem Health Professional Services?

Salem Health Professional Services and Willamette Valley Professional Services are both business names for the billing office of Salem Health.