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21st Century Cures Act – an update

08 Nov 2020

By: G. Andrew Clarke, MD, FACS, chief medical information officer

Last week the government delayed the compliance date for the Cures Act from Nov. 2, to to April 2021. We will take advantage of this time to allow providers and clinical staff to continue to adjust to the new rules around note sharing and information. View the sharing matrix below and visit the SharePoint online site to understand what went live at Salem Health on Oct. 27, to prepare for the Cures Act.

sharing matrix

Historic note sharing (information in the patient's chart prior to the go live date) will not be released at this time. Patients will access these historical documents in the traditional manner, which is through Health Information Management.

Work will also continue to support providers and clinicians to appropriately not share a note by invoking one of the information blocking exceptions. We will be able to follow note sharing rates across the organization in order to identify areas where we can target problem solving to maximize appropriate note sharing. 

Salem Health’s first third party app integration for sharing of records will be through Apple Health. We expect to announce more apps in the coming weeks.

Thank you again for supporting this work and we will continue to use Common Ground for ongoing updates.