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Addressing duplicate medication orders

18 Aug 2019

New hovering box alerts about potential duplicates

By: Matt Tanner, PharmD, BCPS, Salem Health pharmacist in charge


Starting Aug. 20, providers will start to see a hovering box that will pop-up to alert them that a medication order they are entering is a potential duplicate to an order that already exists.

addressing duplicate medication orders screenshot

This box will:

  • Allow quick comparison of the new and existing order
  • Let providers discontinue the existing order(s) with a single click if the old order is inappropriate
  • Reduce pages to clarify nearly identical medication orders
  • Only appear for true medication duplicates
  • Go away once a click is made anywhere else on the screen.

This box will NOT force a click or make you answer to a question.

Please help maintain cleaner, less duplicative charts (and avoid another future Joint Commission citation) by using this box to reduce the number of duplicate medication orders created that must be cleaned up by someone else.

If you have questions (or concerns), please contact Matthew Tanner by email or 503-814-9960.