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Anticoagulation Clinic: Serving you better, faster

10 Jun 2018

Please follow new referral procedure

By: Anna Harris, RN Salem Health Anticoagulation Clinic

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Salem Health’s Anticoagulation Clinic wants to improve our service – but we need your help! We’ve outlined our “new referral” procedure in easy-to-follow steps, so please use these tips and share with others in your clinic.

With everyone on the same page, we hope to reduce unnecessary callbacks – and speed up service. Also, please call if you are referring a patient who is an “urgent new admit.” We’ll make sure everything is handled over the phone, so no time is wasted.

If your concerns aren’t covered on the Initiation of Therapy Order Form, include them in your cover sheet when you fax us the order.

Anticoagulation Clinic order process

Order sheet: We need all four sections

Begin the anticoagulation therapy order by completing the four sections:

  1. Diagnosis: ICD-10 Code, which should include all diagnoses for why the patient is on anticoagulation.
  2. Anticoagulant
  3. INR goal
  4. Duration: Choose from the provided boxes.

Cover memo: Include chart notes

  1. If needed, include medical history, medication list and information about anticoagulation.
  2. Provide recent warfarin dosing and INR results, if available.
  3. Let us know if you need us to call in prescriptions for warfarin or LMWH.
  4. Let us know if your patient needs education on injecting LMWH.
  5. Note any risk factors we should know (history of bleeds, not following medical advice, history of drug abuse, limited or no English skills, etc.)

Questions? Contact us at (503) 814-1700, opt 1.