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Building B remodel starts with 5 South

19 Mar 2017

By: Dana Hawkes, nursing director

The South Tower remodel of Building B, starting with 5 South, begins on April 5. We'll continue surge capacity with 30 beds through the month of March when/if absolutely necessary. After reviewing historical trends, and with 40 more telemetry-equipped beds on D5, we anticipate surge needs will reduce after March.

On March 14, the Medical Unit on 5 South will move to 4 South, where they will remain during the 5 South remodel. This will increase beds from 34 to 38 during construction.

If patients are placed on 5 South for surge purposes after March 14, they will be transferred to other units or discharged by March 31 so we can remove all equipment and supplies, and prepare the unit for containment for construction/demolition to begin on April 5.

To prepare for next winter, 5 South construction should be complete by December so the 34 beds on 5 South can be used for patient care during high census.