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Campus expansion move plan in more detail

27 Feb 2022

Peek into the domino effect starting in July

By: Hannah Bauer, facilities development project consultant

As promised, here is more detail for the July move with this reminder: Some details are still being developed. Nursing leadership and the transition project team are in close communication with those who need detailed information as the move draws near.

First things first:

  • The new units are 30 beds each, which means the unit moves are not 1:1.
  • Once the patients outlined below move over, the staff will, too.
  • We are only outfitting part of the new units with brand new equipment. The rest of the equipment will move from the vacated Building B units (B3 W, B4 S, and B6 S).

In the first set of patient moves:

  • 30 surgical patients move from B5 S to A3 E.
  • 30 medical-surgical patients move from B4 S to A5 E.
  • Remaining pts from B4 S and B5 S move to A4 E.
  • The patients and staff on B6 S - orthopedics will move temporarily (~six weeks) into B5 S.

This frees up the equipment on B4S and B6S to be moved into the remaining A East units over about a week’s time.

In the second set of patient moves:

  • 30 medical oncology patients move from B5 N to A7 E.
  • 30 medical patients move from B6 N to A6 E.
  • The remaining B6 N medical patients move to B5 N.
  • 14 patients from B3 W move to B5 N and the remaining 4 patients from B3 W move to A4 E.

This frees up the equipment in B3 W and vacates B6 N for some minor refresh and repair work.

The refresh and repair work will take about three weeks, then we will shuffle to perform similar work in B5 N.

  • The orthopedics patients housed on B5 S will move to their new, permanent location, B6 N.
  • The B5 N patients will temporarily relocate to B5 S. After the refresh work is complete (another ~three weeks), they will return to their permanent location, B5 N.
  • B5 S will remain fully equipped as a 41-bed surge unit, to be staffed during surges.
Post-move state:
post-move state