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Campus expansion update: What’s coming?

13 Oct 2019

New toolkit shares what to know and do

By: Hannah Bauer, interim facilities development communications specialist

As we approach construction on the new tower, you’ll see site preparation projects around Building A and the east side of campus.

The campus expansion team will use a variety of communication tools to keep you informed about construction. Learn more on the campus expansion toolkit.

On Oct. 14, we start creating protective barriers between Building A and the expansion site.

The following disruptions will occur in January:

  • Two of the four public elevators will be out of service at a time. Signs will direct riders to use the two functioning elevators.
  • The vending machines on the fourth and fifth floors will move elsewhere in the patient lobbies.
  • There will be intermittent construction noise in the areas adjacent to the east stairwell of Building A.
  • The meeting rooms on the sixth and seventh floors may experience noise or disruption.