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Cancer institute 2018 annual report available

26 May 2019

Learn about Salem Health’s collaborative approach to cancer care

In 2018, the Salem Health Cancer Institute focused on three objectives: learning from the patient experience, using new tools and technology and forging strategic partnerships to meet the needs of current and future patients.

Patient experience

Oncology Director Josh Franke and Medical Director Nancy Reyes-Molyneux, MD went to every oncology support group to visit with attendees and start the patient and family advisory council. Patients identified emotional support, nutrition counseling, financial concerns, community resources and disease education as their top needs. The institute worked on providing a dedicated team of professionals to help patients and families navigate cancer treatment.

New tools and technology

In July, the institute began providing cancer risk assessment and genetic testing services for patients at risk for hereditary cancer syndromes. Additionally, a new program (radioembolization) was launched for liver cancer treatment at Salem Health. Radiation oncology began offering a new procedure for improved patient comfort and positioning during RADiant treatment.

Strategic partnerships

The institute partnered with 20 cancer specialists and support staff from eight organizations to create a five-year plan to become more deliberate in meeting patient needs.

View the 2018 Salem Health Cancer Institute report to learn more.