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CDI queries have a new look

25 Oct 2020

Formatting is lost between Optum and Epic

By: Toni Salchenberg, BSN, RN, CCDS

On Sept. 28, Clinical Documentation Improvement and Coding went ‘live’ with a new computer-assisted coding program, Optum 360. The interface between Optum and Epic has created a new look to the queries you receive from the CDI team. This has created a formatting issue.

With the new change in programs, the CDS and Coder now compose and send a query from within Optum, which then sends the query to your inbox in Epic. Before we hit the ‘send’ button, the query looks perfectly formatted on our end. Unfortunately, the format of our query is lost in translation as it lands in your inbox in Epic. 

There is no way for a CDS or Coder to edit the query in Epic. You will likely notice some of the sentences are broken up into different rows at random, larger spaces between paragraphs, and some repeating information at the top of the query. 

We have been diligently working on the issue with both the Optum and Epic teams and we remain hopeful that we will find a resolution. CDI and Coding would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to reach out with any concerns by emailing