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Changes to Cortisol Stimulation test

18 Jun 2023

Panel redesigned, ensures accurate collection times

By: Andrew Judd, MD, Laboratory Medical Director, and Amanda Jacobson, MLS (ASCP) CM, Senior Laboratory Specialist

The Salem Health Laboratory has changed the Cortisol Stimulation test: LAB8393.

Summary of changes:

  • The Cortisol Stimulation panel has been redesigned to only have one order available for collection at a time. This change was made to ensure accurate collection time documentation in Epic. When the Cortisol Stimulation test is ordered, the baseline draw will be available for collection. Once that specimen has been collected, the 30-minute specimen will be available for collection. Following the 30-minute collection, the 60-minute collection will be available. 
  • A dosing question has been added to the order for stimulated draws. The field for "Cosyntropin dose given" is now recommended, not required.

What will this change mean for our providers?

Instead of the baseline, 30-minute draws, 60-minute draws and labels being available all at once, the specimens are collected and the labels are printed separately. 

This will keep the collection times accurate in the computer and on the labels and help prevent all three specimens from being accidentally collected at the same time. The change also reduces the chance of specimen mislabeling. For example, the 30-minute label getting put on the 60-minute specimen.

Questions? Call Laboratory Medical Director Dr. Andrew Judd at 503-561-5113 or Senior Laboratory Specialist Amanda Jacobson at 503-814-1632.