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CHEC Yourself! Have you seen the CHEC podcasts?

07 Jun 2021

Topics are growing, start with resiliency

By: Leah Burkhart, MA, NBC-HWC, health educator

CHEC Yourself is a collaborative podcast project from Salem Health’s Community Health Education Center (hence the name). Please listen – and share with your patients! Content is growing, ranging from how to get your best sleep, to nutrition, fitness and staying resilient in these difficult times.  

Especially timely is my April 28 conversation with RN Becky Ruppert on resiliency. Becky has a master's degree in psychology and community health. She is also a registered nurse in Salem Hospital’s radiation/oncology unit.

In our conversation, she pulls from the knowledge of all three of her areas of expertise and offers specific tools to cultivate more resiliency (many of which are based in the realm of positive psychology).

Go to the “hub” for the complete podcast list.

The intention is not merely to educate, but to provide tools for listeners who want to create their own vision of a healthy and successful life (and do it in a way that doesn’t require a degree in health science). Or, to have to register and pay for a class! They can listen from anywhere, at any time. We welcome your feedback and ideas.