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Confirming date and time of results in Epic

25 Sep 2022

Tip sheet shows several ways to identify times, dates

By: Andrew Clarke, MD, FACS, chief medical information officer

Results Review in the latest version of Epic has several ways to help identify the date and time a result was completed. 

View this tip sheet for highlights. The tip sheet can also be seen in Epic by pressing the ‘F1’ key to launch the Learning Home Dashboard.

Previously, results that were completed prior to a patient’s current inpatient admission would have gray background shading. Results completed during the admission were shaded white. With Epic’s latest version (non-configurable by IS), all results regardless of the patient’s admission status have a white background.

Please continue to confirm the date (including year) and time of a result before incorporating that data into your treatment plan.

Contact the Solution Center with questions at 503-814-HELP (4357).