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Construction and parking garage updates

25 Oct 2020

Review recent activity and changes

By: Hannah Bauer, facilities development project consultant

Building A basement

Construction activity next to the public entrance in the Building A basement parking garage begins Oct. 26. This work will be primarily self-contained, but there will be a short period of impact to the entrance area while a containment wall is built. The door will remain accessible and will be positioned in a way that preserves the width of the entrance for people who may need extra space to navigate the entry. Please continue to the screening station before entering the building.  

Parking garage renovation

We’ve hit a new milestone in the parking garage renovation. The ramp from street level directly to the second floor is complete and will open for permanent use on Oct. 27.

When the campus expansion project is complete in 2022, emergency department patients and visitors will park on the first floor. All other patients, visitors, and staff will park on the floors above. The ramp will allow them to bypass the first floor entirely, easing congestion.

While provider parking continues to be located in the Building A basement garage and B South parking lot, we want to keep you apprised of changes that may affect your patients. Please share the latest parking directions with your office staff. The document is divided by building and intended to serve as a guide for those directing patients to appointments, services, and visits to the Salem Hospital campus.

If you have any questions about the campus expansion project, please don’t hesitate to email