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Construction update: Exterior expansion complete

17 Jun 2021

Transition plan to begin; opening set July 2022

By: Hannah Bauer, facilities project consultant

The exterior of the Building A expansion is complete. We removed the tower crane from the site last month after the final large and heavy objects were installed. 
expansion picture

Framing and drywall installation continue on all levels of the building. The existing Building A lobbies are receiving refreshes and minor renovations to prepare for connection to the new building.

The seismic upgrade on the parking garage has also been completed, as has the exterior screening and refresh. The garage is currently receiving bold pops of color on each floor to help people remember where they parked.

In the coming weeks, we will begin communicating about transition planning. The building will open for patients in July 2022.

There will be plenty of communication and collaboration between now and then, but since we’re reintroducing the topic, please note these facts:

  • This building will not have a new name. It is the second half of Building A. When visitors arrive, they will turn right or left when they exit the elevators, much like they do in Building B today.
  • Though this is a 150-bed patient care tower, it does not represent a net increase of 150 beds on campus. We will transition staff and patients from Building B to the new units in Building A.
  • The scope of the addition is inpatient beds. Additional services are not planned at this time, though we have shelled space on the first and second floors for future needs.

We look forward to sharing more information and hearing your thoughts in the near future. In the meantime, please email if you have any questions.