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COVID vaccination efforts successful in IP and ED

17 Jun 2021

Switching from Pfizer to Moderna for increased efficiency

By: Josh Franke, chief project officer for COVID-19 vaccine task force

We are pleased to share that we have now administered over 160 COVID vaccines in our IP and ED units. Thank you for all your efforts and collaboration to make this possible. To streamline the process for our pharmacy and unit teams, we are switching the primary vaccine from Pfizer to Moderna (which is used in the ED).

Moderna has a longer shelf life after reconstitution, which will help boost efficiency and reduce waste. However, both brands of the COVID-19 vaccine will remain available as orders so that we are able to offer Pfizer for second doses if a patient already had the Pfizer first dose. Moving forward, the BPA that will activate will now tee up a Moderna vaccine for first doses instead of Pfizer.