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Critical sterile surgical gown shortage

02 Feb 2020

Task force launched to establish plan

By: Matthew Boles, MD, vice president of medical affairs, task force commander

Salem Health has launched a special task force and established an incident action plan in response to a national shortage of sterile surgical gowns. Our main supplier has closed one of its three production plants due to quality and regulatory concerns. It’s not known how long it will take for the supplier to return to full production.

In response, we have organized several strategic work groups that are examining the current stock of sterile surgical gowns at Salem Hospital and West Valley Hospital.

Task force leaders are also exploring several possible options moving forward. Those areas include:

  • Reducing the use of sterile surgical gowns as much as possible.
  • Identifying other sources of sterile surgical gowns.
  • Working with our health partners statewide to coordinate the impact of the shortage.

The task force is meeting daily to monitor the gown supply at Salem Hospital and West Valley Hospital. We will provide updates as needed.