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Dayton and Roseborough excel in chart prep

30 Oct 2016

By: Matthew Boles, MD, medical director, Salem Health Surgical Services

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Drs. Beth Dayton and Glen Roseborough deserve special recognition for stepping up. Last January, Pre-Surgical Screening pushed for an initiative for chart preparedness for all elective surgeries. The PSS office needs all chart elements ready for review five business days prior to surgery, but no later than by noon on the business day prior to surgery.  

Timing is critical. The Huddle Team needs to review these documents at their noon meetings. Documents must be consistent in quality, with laterality clearly identified and matching between the H&P, consent, orders, and the scheduling fax/sheet. Without these documents, anesthesia and peri-operative staff cannot adequately plan for the safest possible surgery.

The offices of Dr. Beth Dayton and Dr. Glen Roseborough have not only met, but exceeded this standard with consistent, reliable documentation for our PSS office over the past four months. This allows our team to prepare for their cases in a non-pressured, timely way, resulting in the best possible outcome.  

I am confident this has improved the care of our surgical patients. Please join me in thanking Beth and Glen for their commitment to this very important effort.