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DEA certificate renewals

25 Jun 2017

By: Andrew Furman, MD, vice president medical affairs

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The Medical Staff Office follows recommended best practices by the Joint Commission requiring a copy of a credentialed provider’s DEA certificate. This is required at initial appointment and prior to expiration. 

The MSO was recently informed that the DEA is no longer providing 60-day advance notifications to providers that they are due for renewal. The MSO will continue to provide all of our credentialed providers with advance notifications via email 60 and 30 days from expiration to help ensure that our providers have ample time to renew their certificates online. 

When you renew your certificate, you or your staff can email a copy of your certificate or simply inform the MSO via e-mail at that it is renewed. Our MSO staff will take care of the rest!

Please be sure to watch your email. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Interim Medical Staff Office Manager, Kelly Aebi at 503-814-3889 or