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Dictation/transcription change

19 Aug 2018

Important changes to note in dictation workflows

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As of July 30, dictated documents will flow into Epic immediately after being transcribed, instead of being intercepted by HIM for manual error correction. This decision was made in partnership with physician leadership to better serve patients and physicians.

Important required action:

  • As a result of this change, dictated documents might contain more blanks. Please read through your dictated document before signing. It cannot be edited once it is signed,.
  • If a cc’d provider is not in our system, they will not receive the document. If you are unsure whether a document was sent to the cc’d provider, you can use the route option in Epic to send the document separately.
  • HIM no longer has the ability to review dictated documents, therefore feedback from medical staff will be crucial for managing quality. Please reach out to HIM with any concerns or questions around transcription.