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Diet orders updated in Epic: Liquid consistency and modified textures names changed

13 Aug 2021

Terminology updated to match community providers

By: Melissa Berry, Acute Rehab Manager

Have you noticed that the liquid consistency and modified texture names changed on Aug. 10? 

This change aligns our organization with standard terminology utilized by our community providers as part of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative.

A/R:  What was updated: 

  • Diet orders
  • Menus
  • Epic documentation ( speech therapy, nursing and dietician)
  • Discharge teaching
  • Transfer to facility orders

Content includes BOTH the current name and the new name when there is a 1:1 match. See the screen shot below of a diet order.   

liquid consistency and modified textures changes

There is no change in provider workflow.

Provider cheat sheet for readmission diet orders

Use the box below to help you choose new diets for your patients that are readmitting and have the old terminology in prior notes or orders.

provider cheat sheet for readmission diet orders

Liquids have old and new terminology in orders.

The diagram of the IDDSI scale was included in the Aug. 8 edition of Common Ground. If you or your section would like more detailed support or information, please contact Melissa Berry, Acute Rehab Manager at or 503-814-2418.