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Dr. Craft receives Role Model for Excellence star award

22 Jul 2018

Quick action ensures positive outcome

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CraftG-2013Gregory Craft, MD, was honored recently with Salem Health’s Role Model for Excellence star award. He received the award on July 6 from Angie Anderson, DO, from the Medical Staff Engagement Committee.

From his nomination:

“Dr. Craft was Anesthesiologist in Charge on a Tuesday afternoon when, due to a series of unfortunate events and miscommunication (which are being solved to root cause for fixing!), a patient came into a public waiting area with a significant potential threat to [their] airway – a large hematoma in [their] neck. Dr. Craft was called by the team and he came immediately to support them and discover their concern for this patient, whose airway could have been compromised any minute by the growing hematoma. He assessed the risk to the patient and took the patient directly back into the OR so that the patient could receive the necessary intubation and surgical fix to [the] problem. This particular type of emergency develops quickly with potentially catastrophic outcomes, and we are so grateful for Dr. Craft's responsiveness, decisiveness and quick action as AIC to coordinate the team and care for this patient. Dr. Craft is willing, able and ready to step in and help the team as an anesthesiologist whenever necessary.”