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Drug Shortage Dashboard: What’s low – or out

10 Apr 2022

Intranet dashboard updated often, offers alternatives

By: Matt Tanner, PharmD, BCPS, pharmacy clinical coordinator

Please be aware that the number and severity of drug shortages affecting patient care and requiring pharmacist/provider creativity is greater than it has been since Hurricane Maria disrupted the supply of drugs made in Puerto Rico in 2017.

Curious about the big picture? What alternative drugs are we asking you to consider? Click on the Drug Shortage Dashboard on Salem Health’s intranet. The list is updated once or twice a week, or when a significant change occurs. You’ll need to log into our intranet; from there, go to Tools and Resources, then look for Drug Shortage Dashboard. If you’re reading this while logged in, just go here.

If you have questions about shortages, ask your floor pharmacist, or reach out to Matt Tanner – 503-814-9960 or