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Duplicating SmartPhrases

01 Apr 2018

SmartPhrase tips to “steal”

By: Dr. Claire O’Brien, MD, CMIO

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If your colleague has a particularly useful SmartPhrase you wish to copy, follow these steps!

  • Chart search ‘My SmartPhrases,’ then click on it. 
  • At the top of your SmartPhrase list page, click on the ‘Open’ button.  
  • A window will pop up. Enter the name of the provider you want to use, then click ‘Go.’

Their SmartPhrases will all appear. 

  • Click on the one you want (or hold control key and pick several), then click ‘Share +.’ 
  • The window will appear again. At the bottom, check the box beside “Copy selected SmartPhrase(s).”
  • “Accept.”

The one(s) you chose will now belong to you! You can edit to your heart’s content without affecting the original.