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Emergency notices expanded to medical staff

30 Aug 2020

Sign up for Everbridge to get alerts when campus threats erupt

By: Wayne McFarlin, SH emergency preparedness administrator

Everbridge is Salem Health’s emergency system used to notify leadership when the emergency operations plan is activated (i.e. Code Triage, System Alerts, etc.). 

The system is expanding to allow emergency notifications to all employees and those with active medical staff privileges. It informs subscribers when a threat exists. For example, subscribers receive notification to avoid unsafe areas due to a hazardous material spill or discovery of a suspicious device.  It will also provide information when a disaster has occurred, which in hindsight, would have been useful to keep staff and providers informed during last year’s fire in Building B.

Medical staff are eligible for subscribing to this service. Subscribers may select how they wish to receive these notifications (cell phone call, cell phone text, etc.) and are able to program a “quiet time” function to prevent them from receiving notifications when they are not at work. Medical staff leaders (such as MEC members, section chiefs, medical directors, etc.) are not permitted to use the quiet time function.

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