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Epic access through Haiku and Canto now live!

27 Oct 2019

Use Haiku and Canto to access Epic and conduct workflows

By: Jeremy Bogan, business relations administrator for information services

Pleasurable day
A best, alive haiku jumps
At the old canto 

You can now access Epic from your Apple and Android smartphones (Haiku) and Apple iPads (Canto). Physicians can maintain productivity and boost efficiency between appointments in the clinic, rounding at the hospital, or on call. They will have the ability to review up-to-the-moment clinical information and complete workflows like:

  • Reviewing patient information
  • Placing orders
  • E-prescribing medications
  • Responding to In Basket messages

This can all be done from a personal mobile device!


Please refer to the Tip Sheets for more information on how to add Haiku and Canto to you mobile devices. If you have additional questions, please contact the Solutions Center at 4-4357 (HELP) or