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Epic Foundation training and go-live!

28 Oct 2018

Epic Foundation Phase II begins Oct. 31 at 7 a.m.

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Like Phase I, the IS team will begin loading the features at 5 a.m. Users may begin to see non-disruptive items populate in Epic. Once the rest of the features are loaded, IS will send a pop-up notification to prompt Epic users to close all the way out of Epic and relaunch from the desktop to apply all changes.

Action requested: Go to the Epic Foundation Station to access the training materials, descriptions of changes and more.

Also note: Daylight Saving Time ends on Nov. 4 at 2 a.m. and will affect Epic. See this tip sheet for more information.

Overview: What’s coming?

  • Blood product administration management — improvements in tools and workflows for blood products.
  • Pain management changes
    • Link to pain management site in Epic tools and resources for providers to enhance practice.
    • Button for order for referral to care management – complex pain management needs.
  • Protocol changes
    • Removing frequencies and replacing with appropriate alternatives.
      • Removed: “per policy, procedure, protocol,” and “per pediatric standard of care.”
      • Replaced with: “once,” “per routine,” and “until discontinued.”
    • Changes to order modes
      • Physician default will now be: “standard.”
      • Other staff-entered modes can be reviewed in the tip sheet.
  • Changes to orders (e.g., discharge navigator)
  • Changes to inpatient documentation (e.g., discharge milestones and discharge delay documentation)
  • Removal of the 24-hour delay on In Basket notifications for hospital chart completion.
    • Chart completion messages will immediately appear, giving a comprehensive view of outstanding chart completion work. (ED will remain on a 12-hour delay.)
    • You can go directly from your In Basket message to the needed documentation — including new notes, pended notes and co-signs — by clicking the blue hyperlink. The In Basket message disappears once the deficiency is satisfied.

Read more details and access all training materials here in the Epic Foundation Station.

Reminder: We are in an enhancement freeze for all work other than approved in-flight projects, which includes new dashboards and Epic reporting workbench reports. Please escalate any patient safety or revenue concerns through your steering committee member.
Go-live is scheduled for Oct. 31. A small set of features will go live slightly later, between Oct. 31 and Nov. 30. Training and communication for these items will occur group-by-group.