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Epic Phase 2 features are live; take a look

25 Nov 2018

You can still access training; what’s ahead?

By: Claire O’Brien, MD, CMIO

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The Epic Foundation Phase 2 features went live on Oct. 31. The command center closed on Nov. 6, but you can still access training materials for Phase 1 and 2 items on the Epic Foundation Station.

Notable features:

  • New dashboards, such as Epic proficiency, admitted patients and other useful metrics, are available. These are not defaults. If you would like to display them on your dashboard page, use the wrench to add them.
  • Admit order — there are new admission orders, including an admit to observation and a required ED bed request when considering admission patient from the ED. Review this document to learn more.

Phase 2+ coming soon

A few features will go live the last week of December. These will be individually communicated and affected groups will be trained. Review the Epic Foundation Station for more information.

Phase 3 will go live on Jan. 23

  • Review this list for a high-level summary of changes
  • Watch for visibility sessions invites in January

Want to get more involved? Do you have questions? Email Drew Clarke, MD, or email me.