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Epic’s Break the Glass function

12 Mar 2023

What it does and doesn’t do

By: Olivia Alley, technical communications coordinator

Epic's Break the Glass (BTG) functionality is an extra layer of security for patients and was last updated in 2021.

Below are key reminders about when it will or will not deploy to the end user, requiring you to attest and select a reason for entering the patient record: 

  • BTG will fire when:
    • The patient is confidential and/or patient is an employee of Salem Health.
    • The patient is confidential and the user is not logged in to an exempt department. 
    • The patient is confidential and the user has not broken the glass in the last seven days on the patient.
  • If the patient is confidential and/or an employee, BTG will not fire when:
    • The user is the admitting or attending provider within the next seven days for the patient.
    • The user is the patient's PCP.
    • The user is on the patient's treatment team.
    • The user is the encounter provider on an encounter for the patient in +/- 30 days of today.
    • The user is logged into a DEP where the patient has an encounter +/- 30 days of today.
    • The user's workstation is located in the patient's current encounter department.
    • A Community Connect partner user is logged in under their Community Connect service area, the patient is not confidential and/or the patient does not have a patient type for the CC partner and/or the patient is not an employee of that specific Community Connect partner. 

If BTG does not work as expected, please call the Help Desk at 503-814-4357 or submit a ticket through the IS Service Portal. We’ll need your name, workstation, patient, date/time you received BTG and department you were logged in to.