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Epic upgrade

29 May 2016

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A technical, no frills Epic upgrade will occur on June 14. A command center and at-the-elbow support will be available.

Reporting freeze May 2 to July 1 – During this time, please continue to use the online form (http://home/depts/is/reportrequest.php) for any reporting related requests. During the freeze, requests are monitored and prioritized. Report development will reconvene after the freeze. If you receive scheduled reports on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, there will be a delay the week of go-live, and they will be delivered on Thursday, June 16.

We are in a build freeze – Please continue to submit requests for new Epic functionality through the existing channels (Informatics Council, Ambulatory Committee, etc.). The queues will be monitored and assessed for impact to patient safety and financial stability, but most build will be withheld until after the command center closes.

Training dates:

·    Dashboard learning components are available and will continue to be updated through go-live.

·    CBTs (recommended but not mandatory) are available in HealthStream.

·    Informatics Coordinators will offer drop-in computer lab time starting at 7 a.m. on May 31, June 1 to 4, June 9, June 10 and June 13 and clinic visits by request.

·    The playground environment will be available June 1.

Features coming in the upgrade:

·    Personalization of workspace.

·    Chart review redesign.

·    Foundation for improved analytics.

After we are live, we will work with stakeholders to identify and prioritize other upgrade features for the coming year. This results in less disruption to clinical workflows.

Command center structure:

The command center is scheduled to be staffed 24/7 starting at 6 a.m. on June 14.   

There will be superusers and informatics coordinators rounding to assist you at the elbow. You may also call issues into the command center by calling 1-HELP (503-561-4357) and selecting option 1.