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EpicCare Link go-live and retirement of Epic Remote Access for non-providers

24 Oct 2021

Reminder about remote Epic accessibility

By: Andrew Clarke, MD, FACS, Chief Medical Officer

As of Oct. 20, Epic Remote Access is only available to Salem Health’s credentialed Medical Staff.  We apologize for the short notice. This move was planned, but has been accelerated due to a need for heightened security following a recent cyber security event. All community office support staff as well as non-medical staff community providers will now access our shared patients’ information through EpicCare Link. 

EpicCare Link is a web-based version of Epic that offers more functionality while addressing security concerns. Some features include the ability to place orders, referrals and In Basket messaging. Please contact the Solution Center at 503-814-EPIC (Providers only) or 503-814-HELP (all other users) for further assistance.