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eScription update

21 Aug 2016

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eScription training will include tip sheets and new dictation pocket cards.  The dictation number will change at go-live to 503-814-2078, though the old number will still work and you can still call the same in-house support number if you need assistance editing your reports. What changes are the voice prompts, so listening to those instructions will be important to moving your dictation along the Nuance transcription pathway.

There are three major differences, if you are a dictation/transcription user:

  1. Instructions after you enter the Nuance system will be different.
  2. Turnaround for all document types, except STATs, will be 24 hours.
  3. You will no longer use a separate application (ESA) to electronically authenticate your reports. You will be able to edit and sign transcribed documents in Epic.

More information is coming over the next two months. There will be pocket cards and tip sheets as well as at-the-elbow support if you need it. Information will also be included as a Radar message on the Medical Staff dashboards as the go-live date of Sept. 27 nears.