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Fayez Bader, MD - Role Model for Excellence

24 Jul 2016

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Dr. Bader has performed above and beyond in his practice. During a Code Blue he performed his work quickly and efficiently and worked with the team members as equals.

During the patient’s stay, Dr. Bader responded emergently when he was needed quickly in the room. Before staff had finished expressing their grave concerns, he was reacting to save the patient’s life. He then provided more critical care to give this patient as much support as possible. As is his norm, he was gracious and easy to work with.

Dr. Bader spoke often with the family in a thoughtful and respectful manner. He met them as frequently as they needed. He listened and spoke with heartfelt honesty. It was an honor to work with Dr. Bader as he displayed such generosity to the family and patient. He was with them during their difficult decisions on the future care of their family member. He took the time to truly listen. He was present, not thinking about other patients or his work load. He listened. He cared.

Though the outcome was not desired, he personally helped guide the family and assuage some of the pain and grief by his generous and kind nature.

The care he provided this patient and family was absolutely outstanding. The family had the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Bader. They couldn't stop praising him.