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Fecal occult blood testing switches to new method

18 Jul 2021

HemaPrompt doesn’t need a bottle

By: Kathleen Hainsworth, lab POC and safety supervisor

Salem Health’s fecal occult blood testing has switched from Hemocult to HemaPrompt. The former test required a separate developer bottle. The new test has the developer on the card, so no more searching for the bottle! More details below.

New HemaPrompt guaiac test for fecal occult blood

Salem Health Laboratories point of care department is pleased to offer a new guaiac test for fecal occult blood testing. Starting July 12, testing will be performed at the point of care and resulted by the end user using the AccuChek Inform II glucometer. Once results are entered and the glucometer is docked, the results will automatically transmit to the patient’s chart.

With this change, providers should use the following guide to choose ONE of the following tests to guide their ordering decisions for fecal occult blood testing:


EPIC Test Code

Test Name

SunQuest Test Code


POC Guaiac Fecal Occult Test


POC Fecal Occult Blood



Immunochemical Fecal Occult Test Performed In Lab- Diagnostic (D) or Screen (S)



Fecal Occult Blood Immunochemical (FIT)


4 Hours Post-Receipt


HemaPromt cards offer ease of use and are FDA cleared for rectal exams. We anticipate that the majority of the guaiac tests will be performed bedside and are recommending the FIT test for non-POC testing. In the event a guaiac test is clinically necessary and cannot be performed at the point of care, the lab will accept the specimen and perform the test.

Supply item numbers: MSCM- # 8296 (stock item); McKesson Direct - #936479