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Fetal monitoring equipment upgraded in May

09 Apr 2023

System to be replaced with one vendor, Philips

By: Michelle “Shelly” Pierson, project management office project manager

Our fetal monitoring equipment in labor and delivery is at the end of its life. Frequent repairs and replacements mean decreased availability. Hardware failures can sometimes leave fetuses unmonitored while clinical nursing staff swap parts or find replacements for malfunctioning equipment.

The current system is comprised of three different vendors, which makes repair and replacements even more difficult. A functional electronic fetal monitoring system is critical to safely monitor maternal and fetal health. Replacing the current system with one vendor will improve training, support and equipment availability.

On Tuesday, May 2, labor and delivery will start using Philips Electronic Fetal Monitors with IntelliSpace Perinatal.

Key points during the change and post go-live:

  • No downtime is associated with this change.
  • Limited patient impact is expected as rooms will be changed when empty.
  • The current system, Obix, will remain in place and archived after the go-live.
  • Old equipment will be retired upon project completion.