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Final eScription update

18 Sep 2016

By: Claire O’Brien, MD, chief medical information officer

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Let’s celebrate the permanent retirement of the ESA transcription signature system! I know I’m not the only one who’s excited to hear that Salem Health has adopted a new dictation/transcription system, eScription. This new product will go live on Sept. 27 and the ‘cutover’ with announced downtime will occur between 11 a.m. and noon. The beauty of the new system is that you will be able to proof, edit, route, and sign your transcribed documents in Epic! No more signing in ESA.

What will change? The number to dial is changing from a 561 to an 814 number (Salem Health is retiring all 561 prefix numbers) but will have the same last four digits — 503-814-2078. There will be additional work types added but all of the major work type numbers will remain unchanged. Transcribed documents will be delivered to your inbox in Epic where you can view, edit, route and sign.

What do you need to do? Make sure to clear all of your outstanding ESA documents by 11 a.m. on Sept. (prior to downtime). Newly dictated documents will be transferred to eScription and will appear in your inbox. Old, unsigned documents will not go to eScription if they are already transcribed. Please clear all unsigned documents before the go live to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

Watch for information on Radar (the first page you see when logging into Epic). This information will include access to electronic tip sheets as well as eScription dictation cards. Printed resource materials will be placed in the Medical Staff Office, doctor’s lounges, physician work stations (CPOM rooms) and at the HIM window on the 2nd floor of building B. The Solution Center will be ready and available to troubleshoot issues and share resource materials as needed. A Command Center will be active to support the go-live event.

What to expect: Not much will change with the transcribed product. Be aware that some prompts will change when calling in to dictate, but dictation cards will be available for reference. STAT dictations will still have the same turn-around time, but there will no longer be a document type for STAT. Once you have entered the appropriate document type, you can mark your dictation as STAT by pressing the (*) key.  This will be outlined in the tip sheets as well.

Please be aware that the new transcription vendor will not have access to EPIC, which makes it imperative that you dictate the correct CSN. If the incorrect CSN or all 1’s are dictated, it will cause a delay in uploading the document into EPIC.

This new product and workflow will be a huge improvement for providers who dictate their documents. For those who self-enter, you will not be directly affected.

Questions and comments are welcomed!