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Final Joint Commission report and ongoing work

09 Jun 2019

Addressing our final citations

By: Kristy McIntosh, interim director of care management, regulatory and patient safety

If you have not had a chance to see the Joint Commission Final Accreditation Report, you can review it here. Although we have completed our survey and re-survey, we still have work to do. Some staff may be feeling a bit fatigued around all the rapid improvement exercises. As a leader, you can be a resonant voice among those with whom you interact to help keep everyone engaged.

Please help others adhere to the processes and protocols we’ve already put in place while addressing our citations and our broader efforts to reduce patient harms. We are beginning to wrap up this work, but still need everyone’s vigilance.

One way you can help encourage members of your team is by reminding them that they have done a great job working together, solving problems, having a good attitude and being accountable. They are what allow us to provide quality care to the communities we serve. Although we say that a lot, the words are not hollow. Each person contributes to a healthy work environment — everyone makes a difference. Thank you for helping us reinforce these positive messages.