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Finding Common Ground for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

27 Sep 2020

Many stakeholders will contribute to action plan

By: Cheryl Wolfe, President and CEO, Salem Health Leon Burrows, MD, Medical Staff President, Salem Hospital and John Hadley, MD, Medical Staff President, West Valley Hospital

Earlier this summer, the MedicaI Executive Committee and Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics executive leadership shared our commitment and intention to address diversity, equity and inclusion as an organization. We wanted to give you an update regarding that work.

The Salem Health Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council has been working diligently with our strategy deployment captains to identify and outline next steps. Their first task was to appoint a subcommittee to draft “key ingredients” for a diversity, equity, and inclusion commitment that is actionable.

Many stakeholders will be consulted for input along the way, including the Medical Executive Committees of both hospitals, Physician Leadership Council, Board of Trustees, practice council, and employee council, as well as other providers, leaders and front line staff. Once all key ingredients are identified and a statement is formulated, the Board will approve a Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics’ commitment statement.

As a community hospital, the most important work we do is to provide an exceptional place of health and healing to those in need and for each other. The community we serve is diverse, as is our workforce. Only when diverse perspectives are included, valued and respected can we start to get a full picture of who we serve, what they need and how to successfully meet people where they are. This work is important to us as we fulfill our mission, but it also reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and respect for people. We strive to create a culture where patients, providers and employees feel welcome and valued; where differences and individuality are honored; where we learn from one another; where inclusiveness is just who we are, not an initiative.

As part of a stakeholder group or individually, we encourage you to provide honest, constructive feedback. We know through experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds lead to a stronger and more creative roadmap that delivers better results, so we are relying on you. You can provide your feedback directly to Alex Dass, our Diversity and Inclusion Administrator, or our strategy deployment leaders, Jaime Nichols, Bahaa Wanly and John Bauer.

This work is very important for the success of our future and ultimately will make this an organization where all feel welcomed and included. We hope you will add your thoughts and heart to this important work.