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Fit testing for non-disposable airborne masks

20 Dec 2020

P100s offered to all credentialed medical staff

As mentioned in a prior publication, the PPE committee has been working hard to get providers and staff fit tested to a non-disposable airborne mask (P100) to reduce the number of disposable airborne masks being used in areas where frequent aerosol generating procedures (AGP) are performed. These areas include the ED, ICU/CVCU, 4S, 6N, and D5 and the Endoscopy team.  We are now shifting our focus to the rest of the organization, and would like to communicate that Salem Health will now be offering fit testing for P100s to all credentialed medical staff.

Using P100s is optional as Salem Health’s current use of N95s/CAPRs are safe, and have proven effective against SARS Cov-2 during aerosol generating procedures. However, if you are interested:

  • Please call Employee Health at 503-814-7250 to schedule, or email and provide the best two days and times to schedule (Employee Health will respond with the appointment time and date).
  • If you have not completed an OSHA questionnaire previously, you will be asked to complete one.
  • Before being fit tested, you will be provided the SW and the medical assistant will review them with you (SW can also be found here).
  • If you are fit tested for a P100, please use only your P100 mask so the single-use N95 masks can be preserved for employees who are not fit tested to a P100. At this time, P100 respirators cannot be used when working directly over a sterile field. Please see below.
  • If you choose to use a P100, they should be used according to the same guidelines as an N95/CAPR (i.e. while performing AGPs, etc.)

Please note that there are some situations, due to CDC and OHA guidelines, in which P100 use at this time is not allowed (for example, directly over a sterile field). In these circumstances, please continue to use N95s or CAPRs as per policy/recommendation. Policies will continue to reflect any emerging data.