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From IS: New license, e-script cancellations, easier sign-ins

15 Mar 2020

Three improved services from Information Services

By: Jeremy Bogan, information services business relations administrator

Enterprise licenses for PowerMic Mobile gives greater access to Haiku/Canto

Salem Health now has enterprise licenses for PowerMic Mobile and Dragon Medical One to use with Haiku/ Canto.  This will allow access for all providers who use this technology via their preferred platform. Look to the tip sheets to install these apps on your personal devices or call the solution center at 503-814-4357 for assistance.

Electronic cancellation of e-prescriptions now available!

Providers now have the ability to cancel prescriptions electronically, thanks to a recent SureScripts update.  Previously cancellation required a phone call to the receiving pharmacy. Canceled prescriptions will be confirmed to you via an InBasket message. See this tipsheet for details or call the solution center at 503-814-4357 for assistance.per

Automatic authentication and signature in Epic

In an IS effort to increase Epic’s usability, you will no longer be prompted to enter your password to authenticate and sign an updated clinic note.  This will be done automatically by the system. Please contact the solution center at or at 503-814-4357 for additional questions.