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From IS to You: New Epic efficiency treat!

21 Jan 2018

By: Claire O’Brien, MD, CMIO

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A new smartphrase was created at the request of our Physician Informatics Council (formerly Physician Coalition) that should prove very useful to many providers. It is a “dot phrase” that pulls all active antibiotic orders into your notes.

Where do I find it?
To pull it up, you type .abxorders and it will appear under the heading Active Antibiotic Orders! 

How do I add it to my notes?

  • You may add it to your note template by going to “my smartphrases” under the Epic icon (top left).
  • Or, when in a note, you may access your smartphrases by clicking on the little icon that looks like a square with a question mark inside it. Once there, click ‘edit’ and add the new smartphrase where ever you’d like, by typing @abxorders@.  Save it, and it will be a permanent part of your note template. It is refreshable, so that if the antibiotics change, it will display only what is current.

A big thank you to the Physician Informatics Council for this great idea to make your work just a tiny bit easier.