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From IT to you: Save time when changing your password

23 Jul 2017

By: Claire O’Brien, Chief Medical Information Officer

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It’s that time of year again! To protect patient information and safeguard against cyberattacks, many of us are on a 365-day password cycle that ends in late July. For security, consider strengthening your password. Note these tips:

These items are rules (resetting your password will not work if you do not follow them).
Passwords must be complex (contain characters from at least three of the following categories):

  • English uppercase characters (A-Z)
  • English lowercase characters (a-z)
  • Numeric characters (0-9)
  • Special characters (!, $, #, &, etc.)

Passwords may not contain your user ID (jdbieb) or your first or last name (Justin Bieber).

You cannot reuse the past 24 passwords.

All Salem Health network passwords (the main one you use to log into computers, Epic, and most applications) expire after 365 days. You can change it more frequently if you wish.


Tips to keep patient and personal information safe:

  • Do not include personal information such as names of spouses/family members or any information an attacker could easily derive from a user.
  • Do not match the format of calendar dates, license plate numbers, telephone numbers, employee numbers, or addresses.
  • Try to create a password that can be easily remembered, but is difficult for others to guess (derived from a song title, affirmation or other phrase).
  • Example phrase: This may be one way to remember
  • Example password: TmBee1w2R!
  • You can reset your own password by following the steps in the link below. You can also call the Solution Center at 503-814-4357 for assistance.

How to change your password

More information about passwords